Praise for èrlithe!

I’ve decided to add this testimonial page to the blog as an easy way to see what customers are saying about èrlithe perfumes. These reviews/testimonials come from my èrlithe website, where an app called yotpo follows up buyers and invites them to share a review on the product they have purchased. I’m also including on this page lovely emails I get from online customers. New reviews will be added to this page as I receive them.

So thank you to all the following people who have purchased and then reviewed èrlithe perfumes!

Online Customer Reviews:

Sample Packs

* Very beautiful perfumes thanks very much : ) – Belinda 15.04.15

* I feel like I’ve discovered something really special with èrlithe. The perfumes feel like ancient potions, and have a spiritual, soothing quality due to the properties of the natural ingredients. The scents are all completely original and gorgeous and have their own unique personalities. Wearing these perfumes feels like a special treat just for me, and I have really enjoyed the private ritual of selecting one precious vial each morning, and having the scent colour my day. Just beautiful. Support Tasmanian artisans! – Natasha 04.02.15

* Beautiful and as expected. thanks – Amber, 11.01.2015

* I ordered the sample selection, I’m buying a few larger ones soon, and I loved sniffing out which ones were my favourites – Julie 11.11.2014

* I was very excited to unwrap my Mothers Day pressie, it was beautifully packaged and the perfumes are amazing – thank you again! Xxx – Clare 25.05.14

* I decided to purchase the sample pack when I couldn’t decide between two of the descriptions. I’m glad I’ve gotten to sniff all the scents, to my surprise I really liked one whose description didn’t really appeal to me. Now to decide on one……
Pros: Samples came in a super cute little pouch, getting to try five high quality scents without a big monetary commitment, all the smells!

Cons: The little vials are a bit tricky to get open – Aimee 18.02.2014

* I’m totally in love with your range and more importantly knowing that I’m not dabbing a whole lot of chemicals on my skin to smell lovely. No. 10 is looking like the likely winner but not by much. Do yourself and invest in the sample pack. It’s the best $25 you will spend – Tania 15.01.2014

* I was delighted to receive a sample pack of fragrances and have since been testing them in different weather conditions. I can highly recommend them for their sophisticated and complex fragrances and for the fact that they linger for many hours. It’s hot here at the moment so it takes a particularly innovative fragrance to last through the day. I look forward to purchasing the full size fragrances over the year (particularly 040). Additionally, they are beautifully presented and would make excellent gifts – Angelina 12.01.2014

* I have been savouring each perfume in my sample pack, wearing one each week and enjoying how each new scent develops on my skin throughout the day.
They are all divine, but I keep going back to 010, with its earthy, woody smell. Reminds me of being in a forest early morning, when the trees are a little damp and day is fresh. Love it! – Ann 21.08.2013

* Purchased the sample pack recently. What a great idea! I can try them all! My only problem now is that I’ve liked each of them as I’ve worn them. I’m no expert, but the perfumes seem to have subtleties that develop over the day. Lovely and not overpowering – Cathie 20.08.2013

* I am very satisfied about the samples you sent to me and about the quick delivery. Maybe i contact you again in the future. Thank you for all – Edna 13.08.2013

* Very happy with these products. Currently trying to identify which one I want to purchase in full size first! – Peta-Anne 07.08.2013

* The 5-sample pack is great way to test which blend you like best. But be warned! They are each so lovely you will have a very hard time deciding on just one to buy in the larger size! I think it will be 020 for me, but then again…… 🙂 – Tracey 07.08.2013

* Excellent way to try the whole range to decide on a favourite. All were lovely but 020 was the one I liked the most with 040 a close second – Louise 14.06.2013

010 Geranium Bourbon, Vanilla & Musk

* I just love this perfume. I trialled this in a sample pack and its warmth just hauled me in. It’s gorgeous in winter, layered into your pulse points (all of them ladies) under sweaters and leather. It has a feminine, chocolatey sweetness balanced by that hint of tobacco. It feels natural and lovely to wear, uplifting and comforting all at once. Kerry has a knack with simple but sophisticated and beautiful combinations of notes. For me this is a classic, a scent you can wear for a lifetime – Tiffany 11.02.2015

* Very warm and sexy perfume, attractive and unique! – Victoria 10.06.2014

* Every once in a while one comes across something in life that is special and gives one a sense that it has been made just for them. This fragrance is one of those things. It is me, it is natural, it is divine and delights my olfactory senses. Thank you Kerry Che for your creativity, for your approach to purity without compromise and your small ecological footprint. These are all the things I love in a product and you tick all the boxes. I’m thrilled that you are local in Tasmania – Tania 10.04.2014

020 Frangipani & Honeysuckle

* I chose the Frangipani based scent after trying out all the options in the sample pack, and I have not been disappointed. The roll-on applicator is much more practical and easy to use. But most importantly, the scent. Oh, the scent! It smells just like summer and I love it. It seems to react differently based on the temperature and what I’m doing, which is really cool too. Several of my friends have commented on how nice I smell, and they are really surprised when I tell them it’s my new nasties-free perfume oil, think I might have a few converts! Long lists of chemicals aren’t necessary to smell nice 🙂 – Aimee 18.03.2014

* After trying all five 020 is my favourite but 040 is a close second. Personally 020 is a warm weather fragrance, light and fresh while the 040 is more cold winter nights, warm and cosy – Louise 10.06.2013

030 Boronia & Orange Blossom

* I love these perfumes. And the packaging is so cute, perfect present size. So much more personal than a mass produced perfume, I’m so glad I found Erlithe – Julie 27.11.2014

* I think of this as my grown up perfume. The citrus note is ‘matured’ by the other notes, so that the scent seems to grow in depth the longer it’s on my skin. I love that it’s not too sweet, rather more sensual and earthy. A little goes a long way – Ann 15.10.2014

050 Rose, Honeysuckle & Sandalwood

* My favourite thing to do with this fragrance, which may seem incredibly solipsistic, is to put a dab on my wrist and hold it to my nose as I fall asleep. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I can’t fall asleep otherwise, I’m sure it works well for women as well, but — being a middle aged man — I see it as a mens fragrance – Beehooving 08.06.2013

EMAIL Feedback from online customers:

* I received your samples yesterday thank you! I spent the afternoon with my neighbour and our 4 year old daughters sniffing your wonderful creations. They are comforting, transporting, uplifting…absolutely gorgeous. It’s going to be a treat to live with them over the coming weeks. I feel like I’ve discovered something really special, and will be sure to share your name with my friends. Thanks! – Natasha 21.01.2015

* WOW! Those perfumes are amazing … I love them – Megan 15.01.2015

* 010 … and 040 were the standouts for me, but they are all lovely.  Compliments on the sophisticated combination of notes you’re achieving, and the excellent staying power for natural perfume.  Unlike synthetics, and unlike many other natural perfumes I’ve tried, yours feel really uplifting and wholesome to wear – Tiffany 01.07.2014

* just want to let you know the perfumes arrived and I love them all…. – Elizabeth 20.11.2013

* Thank you, Kerry, we received them last night.  They are all so lovely – my kids enjoyed the lovely scents …..  Just working out which one I like the best, though I think it will be very hard!  Wearing no. 2 today – just so fresh and beautiful – Tracey 25.07.2013

* I just wanted to let you know that I received your samples (extremely quickly) and am very much enjoying them.  You have created some very beautiful and comforting scents… Thanks again, I’m so happy to see some beautiful, high-quality natural perfumes available here in Australia – Laura 18.06.2013



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