Blue Tansy Face Oil

This year I seem to be in love with the colour blue, with it featuring in my art works, jewellery making and home made skin care.

After coming across May Lindstrom’s gorgeous coloured Blue Cocoon and choking over the price, I had a go at making my own healing Blue Tansy Balm. This stuff has been glorious, especially if kept in the fridge, the cooling sensation matches the colour perfectly.

Blue Tansy Balm

Blue Tansy Balm

Whilst my focus through èrlithe was natural perfume, making my own skin care has been something I have frequently done, dating back to when I was a teenager. I’ve made a few face oils in my time as well as buying face oil from others and I’ve found them to be … you know … ok. Earlier in the year, I decided to make up a face oil again and tossed around a few ideas of what oils might be great to include. Of course the temptation was there to use an oil from some far flung newly discovered remote wilderness area, but instead of allowing myself to get carried away with new and exotic oils (ok, I succumbed with the Prickly Pear), I decided to stick with oils that I have been happy with over the years and whip up a blend. I tried a few different ratios of my oils and once again it was like … yeh, that’s ok. Whilst I was trying out yet another version, I accidentally put more of one of the oils in than I had wanted. Rather than toss, I recorded my mistake and went about using and assessing the mistake formula. Turns out it functioned the best!  It’s a great all rounder in my opinion. It’s light and absorbs well without leaving a greasy residue. It just has this great feel to it. I knew I wanted to include the gorgeous blue tansy and went about choosing essential oils that were renowned calming oils and have created a face oil that looks amazing, feels amazing and has a beautiful fresh, herbal aroma.

One of the annoying things about home made skincare however is the fact that I end up putting my lovely creations into any ill fitting container I can find. I wanted my luxurious face oil to also be a pleasure to use. For years I have been smitten by Miron Violet glass which May Lindstrom uses. The problem is you have to buy in bulk and that kind of defeats the purpose of making cost effective home skin care. So I had the idea of putting a call out to friends, family and people following my perfume Facebook page to join in on a group buy. I managed to secure enough pre-orders for me to go ahead and buy a bulk lot of 20ml Miron Violet serum bottles. An amazing flow on has happened since then. I have been astounded at the positive feedback with people re-ordering and buying the oil as gifts. I wasn’t sure that people would like the herbal aroma but that has been getting the big thumbs up as well. So not only do I now get to enjoy my home made face oil in a lovely serum bottle but I’ve also received valuable feedback that this oil is actually great. To date the packaging has been basically non existent, simply using up left over supplies from my perfume making to keep costs down, so I called it a “cleanskin” face oil for want of a name.

I’m about 15 bottles out from the end of my Miron Glass supply, so the question is, do I bite the bullet and order another lot of bottles? Now that I know it is actually a good product, do I get labels and package correctly? But that would mean an increase in price. And do people love it enough to pay a little more so that I can get some money for my time? A number of people have said that I need to charge more so that is heartening and perhaps the best compliment has come from a self confessed face oil addict that now prefers mine, has used her supply up in record time and wants more and also commented that I need to charge more. So who knows what the future holds for my face oil!

Here’s a look at this lovely oil. The light yesterday was perfect to show off the gorgeous colour:

Blue Tansy Face Oil

Blue Tansy Face Oil

Blue Tansy Face Oil in Miron Violet Glass

Blue Tansy Face Oil in Miron Violet Glass

The ingredients are as follows:

Camellia Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Essential Oils: Blue Tansy, Immortelle, Roman Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Frankincense, Lavender and CoEnzymeQ10.

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