Eco dyeing and printing

Since my last post I have been visited upon by illness several times! Starting in September I came down with the worst flu I have ever had in my life (despite having had earlier in the year my yearly flu shot). This was backed up by a bout of gastro, from a possible food poisoning, although apparently there was also a new highly virulent strain of the norovirus in the community. From there I’ve had a few minor colds and then over 3 weeks ago I’ve come down with yet another cold that simply doesn’t want to leave and has decided to go to my chest – a first for me. Nothing is currently working, from the usual home remedies of Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, garlic, Probiotics, essential oil steam inhalations, healthy diet, rest to over the counter medications of cough medicine, oral and nasal decongestants to prescribed antibiotics. The bottom line is – my sense of smell is severely diminished. Because of this, I have had the opportunity to do a bit of eco dyeing and printing. I was already doing this when I was at The Emporium – making botanical dyed silk scarves to complement my perfume but Christmas time was the perfect excuse to do some more dyeing projects to make gifts for family.

Close up details of the prints:

and the raw silk fabric made up in to cushions:

I find eco dyeing and printing completely addictive. It’s always a fantastic surprise unravelling the bundles to see what magic has happened. I’m looking at selling through etsy at some stage. I set up an account years ago for my perfume but never really bothered with the platform – so hopefully I’ll be able to organise some one of a kind products for sale in the coming months and also have some of my solid perfumes available.

Here’s to a healthy and creative 2017 x


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