èrlithe will be at Niche & Co this year!

I’m very excited to announce that our application to attend this years niche market in Launceston,Tasmania was accepted! There were over 500 applicants with only 51 places available!

The extra great thing is that 20% of sales will be donated to St. Giles to support children with disability in Tasmania. Here’s the date to mark in your calendar for those in or visiting Launceston:

53292_stgiles_niche posters 2


I’m also hoping to have a few new items available for sale on the day which will eventually make their way to the website. These new items are solid perfumes and fragranced bath salts.

The solid perfume fragrances that I have settled upon are: jasmine, rose & red tea, fir and neroli. Jasmine is my “smell” of the month and the solid perfume has turned out to be insanely gorgeous. I just wish there was such a thing as ‘smell -o-net’ so you could smell what I mean!

Trialling solid perfumes

Trialling solid perfumes


MoMa: Mona markets, Hobart Tasmania

Yesterday was a fabulous day!

So far I have relied on the internet to take my natural perfumes to the world. Yesterday was the first time that I went out in public to showcase my natural perfumes in person. The reason I have not ventured out to showcase my perfumes is simply because I felt that the average market did not have the right vibe. It’s not necessarily about selling my perfumes (although that is always awesome!), it’s about sharing my love of natural ingredients and botanicals and helping to educate and show people an alternative to the common synthetic perfumes.

When I was offered a spot at the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) markets (MoMa) for 2014, I was both excited and nervous. Nervous because I had not done this before and excited because I saw it as the perfect venue in which to share my love of botanical based natural perfumes. This years theme for the markets is the “River Derwent Heavy Metals Project: an ongoing art-science collaboration bent on tackling the problem of pollution in the River Derwent”. For me and my perfumes, the connection to their theme is this: if we choose products/perfumes that are full of synthetics and chemicals such as parabens, phthalates etc, not only are these chemicals absorbed into our bodies they are also excreted into the environment. How? Directly: via the sink as we wash them off our bodies and also via the sewer as we excrete some of the toxins out of our bodies into the toilet bowl.

The MONA markets only operate each Saturday 12-5pm from January 18 – April 19. I am not there every week and so did a reconnaissance mission to the markets prior to having to set up a stall. All nerves and fears were instantly put at ease. The vibe is unreal. There is a very palpable generous and welcoming atmosphere. You get the sense that you have been invited to the museum owners backyard to just chill out, enjoy some fabulous food and beverages, and relax on pink bean bags whilst listening to music. So, wherever you are in the world, this place is an absolute must to visit!

These are a few photos taken on the reconnaissance mission:


monahobart6So yesterday was my debut at the markets. The staff were amazing: welcoming, friendly, super organised and helpful.

It was interesting to discover that the vast majority of folk who checked out my stall did not know what natural perfume was. So, it turned out to be a perfect opportunity to educate people regarding natural perfumes. I was also really delighted to get amazing positive feedback. It was great to see people’s immediate reactions and it was such a relief that I got no “yucks”! It was also interesting to see that all the perfumes were enjoyed, but one just shone a little ahead of the rest yesterday: 010 geranium bourbon, vanilla and botanical musk.

So thank you to all the people who dropped by and tried my perfumes yesterday, thank you for my new likes on Facebook and thank you to the staff of Mona Hobart.

Here are some snaps at the markets:

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