Fragrance for Florence

If I was to select one of my fragrances to match a celebrity, which one would it be and who would it be for?

010 was one of my very first creations and I knew I’d hit the mark when my husband described it as intriguing. I was recently watching Florence + The Machine’s ‘Shake It Out’ and I realised that the video depicted the imagery I had had in mind when I created 010. I can definitely imagine Florence from Florence + The Machine wearing 010 Geranium Bourbon, Vanilla and Musk whilst filming ‘Shake It Out’.

So, to get an idea of what I was imagining whilst performing magical alchemy with my botanicals enjoy the following video!

Natural Perfume Profile 010 – Vespertine

Ever since beginning my perfume journey I have wanted to create a vespertine fragrance. A fragrance that represents an evening of opulence and decadence.

I have these memories as a child, of being up very early in the morning to accompany my mother as she cleaned an Inn. Within this Inn there were numerous bars and I remember distinctly the smell of stale alcohol and cigarettes. Ordinarily these smells would probably not appeal to most, but as a child there was something magical and intriguing associated with those smells in the early hours of the morning. It was as if the frivolity and laughter of the patrons from the evening before had been imprinted within the walls of this old stone Inn. The noise was very palpable on the backdrop of the actual reality – complete silence amid the stale odours.

So, I wanted to create a fragrance that was inspired by an evening/night concept. A fragrance with a sense of intrigue. The classic vespertine flower of choice would have been jasmine, however, as much as I like jasmine, I don’t particularly like to wear it. Instead I opted to create a fragrance that has a sweet, spicy, warmth that leads to a floral heart of geranium bourbon on a backdrop of cocoa, vanilla bourbon, smoky tobacco, earthy woods and vegetal musk. The overall composition is warm, spicy, sweet and intriguing – a perfect partner for a night out to a masked ball!

Notes – Top: sweet orange, rose geranium Heart: cardamom, geranium bourbon, clary sage, clove bud Base: vanilla bourbon, cocoa, cedarwood, vetiver, ambrette seed, tobacco absolute.

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