Fruit tingle aromatherapy blend

During the frequent home inspections when our house was on the market, I employed the power of aromatherapy to create a subtle, non synthetic welcoming aroma to my home. Apparently if you are trying to sell your home you shouldn’t have aromas that are too complex, basically it can detract from the job at hand – namely looking at your home. So if the potential buyers brain is distracted by trying to work out the odour their attention becomes divided. The advice I found on the internet was to keep aromas simple. Citrus and vanilla are apparently good choices as they are easily recognisable scents, along with the well known fresh brewed coffee and freshly baked bread aromas.

So, I concocted a fizzy, citrus fruit tingle like aromatherapy blend that was kept subtle by placing only a few drops on my salt lamps. The heat of the salt lamp gave a very gentle and subtle release of the scent so it wasn’t too obvious. I have no idea if it helped at all but it became an enjoyable ritual like process for me!

Here’s the blend:

Fruit Tingle


Kerry x