Neglecting the online world

How time flies – it’s been 4 months since my last post, plus my online store has been neglected somewhat. This is because my time has been taken up with the retail space at The Emporium. The lead up to Christmas was busy and most of my perfume stock was sold, which left little for the online shop. I’ve also been focusing on custom fragrance through the “self scented” perfume bar – which has been a fabulous experience. It’s great working with someone around their preferences and then adding in something extra to make the perfume sing. The look on a persons face when the perfume is just what they wanted is incredibly rewarding.

My time there has also been spent on developing a new fragrance line with new packaging and labels. So hopefully over the coming weeks these will start to be released in the shop and online. I’m patiently waiting for my final supplies to arrive so that I can begin the making. One of them is an incredibly luxurious perfume and everyone who has tried it from my sample loves it. My young son even announced that I smelt beautiful when I came home from work wearing it. It is a departure from my usual gourmand and oriental style. I wanted to create a green floral with transparent water notes and a powder dry down. It features notes of cucumber, galbanum, pink lotus, boronia, magnolia, neroli, beeswax, violet leaf and orris.

On my one day off a week, I’ve discovered the amazing world of botanical dyes. Inspired by my botanical perfumes, I’ve been using foraged plant material from the local community garden and neighbourhood to dye silk scarves. They are a lovely complement to my perfumes in the retail space. So until I have photos of my new fragrance line I thought I’d share photos of some of the scarves I have made. Sadly, some were bought before I got a chance to photograph : (

Blueberry, carrot, onions, avocado, lavender, paprika, sea salt.

Blueberry, carrot, onions, avocado, lavender, paprika, sea salt.

basil and madder silk

Madder, basil, mint, onion skin, paprika and rust

eucalyptus, rust and tea silk

Eucalyptus leaves, rose petals, tea, onion skin, rust and paprika

silk bundle

A silk bundle all wrapped up

eucalyptus, rust, tea silk2

Eucalyptus, rose leaves and petals, onion , tea and rust.

gardenia, madder and logwood silk

Gardenia powder, madder, logwood and osage orange.

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