èrlithe now located in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The past 3 years living in Tasmania has been a wonderful experience, however, I am incredibly excited to be back in Newcastle and it has a lot to do with being close to the sea.

If you follow this blog, you may be aware that I grew up in Jersey, Channel Islands. It’s a small island and so the coast is never that far away. Because of this, I feel an affinity with the coastline. I kind of get my bearings from it (which I desperately need due to my very poor sense of direction!). The sea makes sense. The smell is familiar. It smells like home!

The one thing that I found disconcerting in Tasmania was not being close to the sea. Being inland confuses me. A strange sense of unease comes over me when I am inland. It makes no sense of course. I think it simply comes down to knowing what you know and the comfort of familiar smells.

Jersey is an island of castles and forts by the sea. One of my fondest memories is of a school trip to stay overnight at St. Aubins fort. We were taken there at low tide and overnight the fort was surrounded by the sea. I peeked out the small window slits as I settled to sleep. I was up at the crack of dawn whilst all my class mates were still fast asleep and snuck outside. It was then I had one of the most memorable moments of my life – alone on a fort wall, surrounded by the sea and sea air with the first rays of the rising sun.

Mont Orgueil Castle

Mont Orgueil Castle

Around 2006 I got to take my son to see where I had grown up and have a run around on the beach where I played as a child:

St. Brelade Bay

St. Brelades Bay

And now here we are back in Newcastle enjoying the smell of the sea!

Newcastle Beach, NSW

Newcastle Beach, NSW

I’ve pretty much got all of our belongings from a 4 bedroom house kind of sorted and squashed into a 2 bedroom home. My perfume supplies have been the last thing to tackle and I’m almost there! There are some exciting plans afoot now that I’m back in Newcastle, which I won’t announce just yet – just to keep you all hanging in suspense of course! Like I know you will be

: )

Now that my perfume supplies are basically unpacked, I’ve spent the last couple of days tweaking a sharp green floral fragrance I had started working on some time back in Tasmania. I’m excited with how it’s smelling on the scent strip. I’m now just letting the ingredients get to know each other a bit before I dilute to test on my skin. Here’s hoping it plays as well on skin as it does on the strip. Otherwise it’ll be back to the drawing board.

new èrlithe fragrance in the works

new èrlithe fragrance in the works

Kerry Che x


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