èrlithe is moving!

Boy does time fly! I was really shocked when I realised my last entry here on the blog was November last year!

If you’ve recently been to my èrlithe website you would have seen this announcement:

èrlithe are moving

Yes that’s right, we are moving! After recovering from the niche markets and lead up to Christmas followed by attending the opening Mona Market in January, my husband and I made the massive decision to leave Tasmania and return to our former home in Newcastle, NSW.

In order to do this we have needed to put our home in Tasmania on the market and wait for it to sell. This required a massive down size in order to be able to fit back into our smaller home in Newcastle – garage sale, followed by donations to charity and the remainder in a skip! Sadly all of my perfume making equipment had to be put in a cupboard so that the house looked more desirable to potential buyers and I can tell you having everything stored away is not conducive to running a business efficiently! As such, I’ve had to knock back markets and wholesale enquiries which has been very disappointing. Caring for children, continuing in my part-time employment as a Registered Nurse and in my research position at the University, helping my husband set up his company, as well as keeping the house and garden spotless for frequent home inspections has been very tiring!

So, my beautiful perfume business has been on a temporary hold. Our home here in Tasmania has finally sold and we will be moving next month. We will be sort of ‘homeless’ until the end of July as once we leave Tasmania we have to wait for our tenant in our Newcastle home to move out. I’m hoping that everything will be settled by the end of August and that the perfumes will be back online in September.

I am excited about returning to Newcastle and being close to family and old friends again and it is going to be fantastic to be back near the beach.

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

In the meantime I apologise for the unavailability of my perfumes from the website (although online stockist chikii still has a few left in stock and they are on sale!) but I will be working hard to get everything up and running again as soon as possible.

Kerry Che x


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