Diversional Therapy

Sometimes I like to try something I’ve not tried before, especially when I feel like I’m getting completely lost in day to day activities. So, today I’m going to indulge myself and diverge from the usual topic of natural perfume. (for those only interested in perfume – I do apologise!)

I’ve recently been following the wonderful Mr. Finch. He did a shout out for The pale Rook – a doll artist based in Norway, whose dolls are just delightful. I’ve never sewn before, but was so inspired by the work of mister-finch and the pale rook that I thought I’d have a go.

I currently have a bird in progress (based on an Abigail Glassenberg pattern in The Artful  Bird) and an attempt at a doll. The poor birds legs are dreadful, due to the fact that I used the wrong wire and couldn’t shape them very well. I secured them so superbly, I couldn’t remove and just had to persist with dodgy legs. I am in the process of figuring out appropriate leg and arm patterns for the doll. I think both will have to wait a little while for completion. But I’m pretty happy so far with the attempts.

bird body

bird body

doll body

doll body

I’ve also started a learn to draw course. I’ve never attempted to draw because I thought a natural gift was required (given that both my kids and husband can just draw). The course has been wonderful for helping me simply get pencil to paper. I’ve also discovered that it is incredibly relaxing. It is amazingly meditative and hypnotic. I plan for just 20 minutes in my evenings to draw and before I know it 2 hours have passed! Of course my youngest son is delighted that he is getting to go to bed a little later! I’m excited to be up to the part on how to draw faces. I was very happy with my first attempt at a side view of the head. I quite like the look of the constructive lines, so I left them there. Here it is:

side profile1

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