Where have I been?

Oh my goodness, it has been 5 months since I last blogged.

So where have I been? Well, earlier this year I was offered a job that was basically too good to knock back. The offer also coincided with me questioning where I wanted to go with making natural perfume. The problem I have is that I come up with lots of ideas and wonderful new blends, however, the whole labelling and product photography limits my ability to release these new perfumes in a cost effective manner.

I don’t have the skills to take my own decent product photos and printing labels has been a real pain. I don’t seem to be able to work out how to do my own labels and all printers (local and online) that I have contacted seem to have very large minimum orders. So, I feel quite restricted in being able to release new fragrances. I’m also not particularly good at marketing my perfumes. Workshops I’ve been to, seem to suggest bombarding people with constant Facebook and Twitter updates, newsletters and almost daily blogging. Personally, I hate receiving a never ending stream of marketing tactics from anyone.

So, I simply let the natural perfume business hum quietly in the background and allowed myself the chance to become immersed in the job I was offered. Well, yesterday I put in my resignation. For many reasons, the job wasn’t what I had hoped it would be and I found myself frustrated. When you also receive sad news that a person you know has just died in a horrific car accident leaving behind a young family, you just think dang it, life’s too short to be frustrated every day.

my daily walk to work has come to an end

My daily walk to work has come to an end – instead I shall simply head straight back up the 194 stairs when I reach the bottom!

I prefer flexibility in my life and so I have returned to my usual casual clinical and research work. This gives me more space to work with my natural perfumes as well as to be open to other creative possibilities. In fact I’ve decided to learn to draw – I will tolerate child like stick figures no more!

When I first began my natural perfume journey one thing I noticed was a distinct lack of perfume recipes. Most were simple aromatherapy blends and anything more than a basic blend never seemed to perform well on the skin. It takes a fair bit of time and experimentation to get a perfume how you want it, so naturally no one wants to share their hard earned formula. However, I’ve decided that instead of releasing new blends I concoct, I will occasionally share an actual formula on my blog. Am I worried someone will take that formula and start their own brand? No. Good on them if they do and can make it work. In fact I’d be flattered if someone thought one of my formulas was good enough to start their own brand with. Formulating the blend is but one small piece of the puzzle. The ability to market is a huge part of the process to becoming successful. Also, some people will copy initially to get an understanding of the process but once they learn the new skills and gain confidence, I believe most would then branch out by tweaking the formula to meet their own specific needs or simply do their own thing. What I would hope people would take away from me sharing my own formulas, is an appreciation for what goes into a natural perfume.

So, keep an eye out on this blog. I have a couple of blends I think are worthy of sharing. I’m thinking a spicy jasmine and a truffle tuberose.

Truffle Tuberose

Truffle Tuberose


2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Hi Kerry. I loved your blog. It was so honest and reflects the dilemma for niche perfumers. Costs, “getting it across” marketing, packaging… I feel like I know you. I have developed a business as a niche cosmetic Formulator and my perfume love is also sadly waiting for me like an neglected lover. After reading your blog I had an idea…. Message me if you want to hear it! Thanks again for being so honest, and all the best. Karen

    • Hi Karen, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. An idea – I like the sound of that! I’ll send you an email later today (still have to go into work for a couple of weeks to tie up loose ends!)

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