Perfume for a perfumer

It was my birthday recently. What does a perfumer request as a present? Perfume of course!

Perhaps that may seem strange, after all I can make my own perfume and indeed I do. But it is lovely to experience the fruits of someone else’s labour and passion. Since I’ve only ever had 1/2ml samples of Aftelier perfume, I boldly asked hubby for some actual bottles of Mandy’s creations: three “miniatures”, as Mandy calls her 2ml size bottles. Then I topped up my gift pack with samples of 4 of her solid perfumes.

Even though I make perfume and I know natural perfume comes in teensy tiny bottles, it is hard to picture the exact size in real life so I couldn’t help but chuckle when I opened the package. I immediately thought of the scene in the ‘Spinal Tap’ movie when stonehenge was lowered on the stage – the anticipated awesome 18 foot prop turned out to be a mere 18 inches and was almost trampled by dancing dwarves! Brace yourself for this moment if ever your buy a 2ml bottle of natural perfume.

Stonehenge spinaltap dwarves 2

Stonehenge spinaltap dwarves

Jokes aside, I am very happy with my beautiful perfume. I chose cepes & tuberose, fig and shiso. I’ve blogged about the genius of cepes & tuberose before here. Fig I’ve had as a sample in the past and love the rich, deep, sweet, sticky jam smell. Shiso is a new experience chosen primarily because I don’t own a couple of the key ingredients used, namely shiso leaf (perilla) and kewda and so I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Shiso is amazing and unique – for me it starts off quite sharp, bitter and slightly medicinal – herbal and green with an underlying sweetness. There is the crispness of apples with a rosy honeyed background. A delicate sweet spice aroma of cinnamon becomes apparent and what seems to be a subtle aniseed quality. With time I detect oud on and off and eventually it settles to a dry, smoky wood with patchouli quite evident. Shiso is weird at times yet completely addictive. I think I may be putting in a request for the larger eau de parfum bottle for Christmas!

I am so glad I found the world of natural perfume. Where once I was completely nauseated by intense synthetic fragrances I can now actually smell and relish the subtle nuances of natural essences. The miniatures may indeed be small but the contents command complete awe and respect.

My generous husband

My generous husband


4 thoughts on “Perfume for a perfumer

    • Thank you Mandy for reading and commenting! Thank you also to Foster for the phone call regarding the postage to Australia’s little island state of Tasmania! Your perfumes are well worth splurging on xx

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