Lots of goodies planned for Èrlithe!

Hello again to all you lovely perfume kindred spirits!

For those who have been over to my website in the past week you may have noticed a little change! The perfume atomisers will soon be available in 2 size options: 15ml and 30ml. The 30ml won’t be available just yet as I need to have outer packaging made up – this packaging is important to keep the glass safe in the mail. Also, I have been able to reduce the price on the 15ml atomisers. Why? I have seen that there is indeed a demand for my glorious natural perfumes and so I now am able to order my supplies in larger quantities. I am also getting much more savvy with my time, so any savings I can make I like to be able to pass on to my customers!

I am also learning much more regarding websites etc. I have recently set up a review app on the online store. For those who make a purchase they will automatically receive an email asking if they would like to write a review. If a review is written, the customer receives a coupon for 10% off their next purchase and if they share the review on social media (Facebook) they’ll get a further 10% off – a maximum of 20% off in the one transaction! That’s my way of saying a big thank you xx

So what other goodies are planned? I have just received a sample of a beautiful little teardrop perfume bottle.

erlithe 050 natural perfume oil

èrlithe 050 natural perfume oil in 9ml (1/3oz) teardrop bottle

This is the bottle filled with 050 Rose, Honeysuckle and Sandalwood. They hold 9ml of perfume oil – I will be filling them with the same parfum strength oil that is available in the 5ml roll-on bottles. I am very happy with the look! They will be available as we get closer to Christmas – a stunning gift for yourself or someone you love!

I am also experimenting with solid perfumes. They will be made from jojoba oil and local tasmanian beeswax. I am currently deciding on the best ratios for optimal consistency of the solid perfume and also deciding whether the current 5 fragrances work in solid format or whether it is best to offer new fragrances. I have created a beautiful fir/jasmine fragrance that is working very well in the solid format. Some sample brass lockets are on their way to me and I also purchased these polarity magnetic lockets and filled them with my new fir/jasmine solid perfume.

These are fantastic little lockets – they are made in the US from recycled steel auto parts. They come with a variety of changeable magnetic tops making it super easy to change the look of your locket.

I’m also waiting for some lovely cotton muslin bags to arrive – these will be the new packaging for my sample vials. I will post a photo of the bags and brass lockets as soon as I get the goods.

Exciting times ahead – I have so many things I want to do, stay tuned.

Kerry Che xx


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