Think-tasmania promotes èrlithe!

I was very fortunate to happen upon a wonderful website recently called They are dedicated to producing wonderful articles to show case and share the adventure, magnificence and inspiration of all things tasmanian.

Think-tasmania are first and foremost concerned with quality and so I was extremely delighted when Tania of think-tasmania said yes to publishing a promotional giveaway for èrlithe! If you want to know how to win, check out the details on their website here:

To check out some lovely images of tasmania, go to think-tasmania’s pinterest boards here:

Or if you simply want to read more about this amazing island state of Australia where I get to live, be inspired and create my perfumes, just click on the first link above to go to their welcome page.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate Tasmania

Among the Lavender at Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania.


2 thoughts on “Think-tasmania promotes èrlithe!

  1. I was the very lucky person to win some erlithe perfume. The most difficult thing for me was deciding which perfume I like best. Thank you Kerry
    From Sylvia

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