What does èrlithe mean?

Part of setting up a business or starting a brand is coming up with a name. For me this was quite tricky. Whilst I was busy learning natural perfumery I would ponder what on earth I was going to call the perfume range. The default would have simply been to use my name and with all the lame ideas I was coming up with, my name might have won out.

However, I eventually took a friend’s advice about looking to the beautiful island where I was born, for inspiration. This is the Channel Island of Jersey. I emigrated to Australia with my family when I was 12, and have a lot of fond memories of Jersey prior to coming to Australia.poppies

I decided to use a Jèrriais word for my perfume. Jèrriais, also known as Jersey-Norman, is a traditionally spoken language, without any writing, that was almost lost during the 20th century. As of 2001 there were less than 3000 speakers of Jèrriais. Èrlithe means “shine” and I decided that it was the perfect word to describe my perfume and what I aim to achieve, whilst paying tribute to my heritage. Using all natural materials offers a completely different perfume experience to that offered by standard mass-produced and marketed perfumes widely available today. There is a certain magic in using the real essential oil, absolute or botanical extract coming direct from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, herbs, spices, seeds and roots. Plants are amazing things, offering joy, food, health and relief from certain illnesses. In natural perfumes the life force of the plant can “shine” and bring an uplifting experience to the wearer. sunshine


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