Natural Perfume Profile 040 – Osmanthus and Yuzu

040 has been on a real journey – and nearly didn’t make it! This was one of those perfumes that came out of experimentation with no particular direction. Out of the experiment I created a beautiful juicy, fruity, tangy top note that I found utterly delicious. Much to my dismay though, the perfume’s beauty was only in the top notes that vanished after 15 minutes to reveal an essentially very boring heart and base. The introduction was so great that the rest of the perfume just let the whole thing down with a giant flop! So I tried many variations – however, I was dissatisfied with each. I either had perfumes that were great but didn’t last or else lasted – and you simply didn’t want them to!

So I put 040 aside – occasionally smelling it and wondering what on earth I could do to extend it’s fruity, juicy yumminess. Then I remembered my osmanthus absolute. Yet another costly material used in high end perfumery that I was scared to use and waste, waiting for a spark of inspiration as to how to do justice to it’s exquisite sweet-tart, fruity apricot, floral aroma.osmanthus

I kept the top notes, re-structured the base completely and swapped out some florals for the osmanthus. The osmanthus absolute proved to be a saviour – it reaches it’s sweet fruity arms to the top and throws an anchor to the bottom of the perfume, the transition from top to base is now far more seamless – much better than an abrupt halt!

So, after much blood, sweat and tears – I give you 040, a delicious spicy, fruity, floral. yuzu

040 opens with the tangy fruity citrus of japanese yuzu, a touch of spice before transitioning to a fruity floral heart of osmanthus, rose and davana  finishing on a base of amber, woods and ambrette musk.

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