Natural Perfume Profile 030 – Orange Blossom and Boronia

If you are an orange blossom lover, this natural perfume will be worth checking out, thanks to its hefty share of orange blossom. This particular perfume has no abstract concept to convey. I just simply wanted to create an orange blossom fragrance. It also features the incredibly glorious tasmanian boronia. It is a fresh, yet voluptuous orange blossom fragrance with a small shot of espresso on a sweet musky, earthy grass base.



When I received the boronia absolute it was like heaven. I love all my botanicals but the boronia has been one of my absolute favourites. The first time I bought it, I purchased a 3% dilution due to its expense, to assess whether it was something I wanted to buy undiluted in a larger quantity – and yes it was. It just makes me go “wow” and I simply want to keep smelling it. Of course that is not a useful description to those who have never smelt the real thing! I initially get a green freshness, a slight spiciness and a rich, sultry floral aroma with fruity undertones. It is incredibly costly and not available in large quantities – in fact, it is sometimes unavailable for purchase and you simply have to wait for another crop. It is for this  reason that you probably won’t find the real deal in mass produced perfumes. This is what sets small indie, niche perfumers apart from your mainstream. When we can, we source these beautiful rare botanicals and are able to offer unique perfumes that guarantee you won’t be wearing what everyone else is wearing.

Orange Blossoms

Orange Blossoms

Neroli essential oil and orange blossom are also expensive – making this a very luxurious perfume indeed! Neroli brings a sharp, aromatic, floral freshness to the perfume, whereas the orange blossom absolute adds a deep, intense, creamy sweet floral aroma. Orange blossom has good tenacity, so 030 is perhaps one of my stronger perfumes with a good longevity.

To buy this orange blossom and boronia perfume oil, click on the high-lighted text.

The main notes for 030 are – Top: basil, coriander, clementine, bergamot Heart: neroli, boronia, orange blossom, coffee Base: vanilla bourbon, haitian vetiver, patchouli, ambrette seed.erlithenaturalperfume

2 thoughts on “Natural Perfume Profile 030 – Orange Blossom and Boronia

  1. Hi! All orders go via my website: I don’t sell samples individually, but as a pack of all 5 of my fragrances The cost is $AUD29 + international postage is set at a flat rate of $AUD19.95. Alternatively, I sell the boronia/orange blossom fragrance as a 5ml parfum oil roll-on and it costs $AUD69 + postage. I pack and ship as soon as I get orders and then I would allow up to 14 days for delivery as I am posting fromAustralia. Hope that helps, Kerry.

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