Perfume Profile 050

050 – I am profiling this fragrance first as it is my absolute favourite! I made it for myself and so regard it as my scent. Having said that, my husband also loves it for himself, so it’s a great unisex fragrance. This is a rose like you have never smelt before!

This fragrance contains a warm marjoram refreshed with a dash of citrus and mint, to add lightness and clarity to a sweet heart of rose and honeysuckle on a rich balsamic wood base.

I get images of the ice queen in Narniatilda

frosted rosesfrostedrose

and freshly fallen snow.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My favourite ingredient in this perfume is fir balsam absolute. The smooth, sweet balsamic and fresh aroma is completely intoxicating. I simply had to buy it and use it when I got my first hint of its beauty within Mandy Aftel’s Fig fragrance.

So as a final run down, here are the notes:

Top: marjoram, pink grapefruit, lemon, peppermint. Heart: bulgarian rose, rose maroc, honeysuckle, pine, fir balsam. Base: sandalwood, cedar wood.

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