Natural Perfume making update

I just thought I’d give a quick update of where èrlithe natural perfume is up to with the launch of the natural perfume range.

So far the perfumes have been bottled, but I am still awaiting the grand arrival of the outer packaging. Once I have the packaging, I will need to check that the graphic design work for the bottles and outer packaging are working together. Thankfully, my lovely sister is a graphic designer and is helping with this end of things.

The following images are quick iPhone pics of the perfume bottles (so excuse the un-professional images!). I will be offering 0.75ml samples, 5ml perfume oil roll-ons and 15ml edp atomisers of each of the fragrances.

Once the packaging is sorted, I’ll be able to take photos and begin to upload the perfumes to my e-commerce website for purchase.

I would love to move ahead faster, but alas sometimes one has to just sit and wait patiently! I had hoped to have everything ready for today being Valentines Day – but no such luck. In the mean time, I’ll begin to do some posts providing a description of the fragrances. So keep an eye out for these descriptions!

Kerry Che xx


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